Main Room



Our primary bar experience at Behind Closed Doors where guests can enjoy a large array of specialty and classic cocktails, select beers, wines by the glass and an array of elegant bites.



Sunday – Thursday
5:00 pm – 12:00 am+

Friday & Saturday
5:00 pm – 2:00 am



Undercover Cooler

A homage to the classic bramble with plum and rosemary, bright and citrusy with plum undertones

Bite Your Tongue

Savory, complex, light Gin and Chareau liqueur combined with cucumber-rosemary syrup and lemon juice, garnished with savory lemon-rosemary salt & rosemary sprig

Coded Missive

A boozy, blend of house-made hibiscus-orange liqueur with passionfruit and tequila, light and ephemeral

Licensed to Chill

This delicious tequila drink is like a Mexican Candy shot went to college and decided to major in deliciousness, spicy optional

Ghost Protocol

Bright mango and crisp ginger mellow this smokey mezcal sipper in perfect balance

For Your Eyes Only

Floral, fruity, light and refreshing, the house favorite, this blueberry and lavender vodka drink is sure to please

Hidden Agenda

A great summer mule, with bourbon, peach and rose bringing just the thing you needed for the season

Behind the Scenes

This rum libation is a tropical dessert in your mouth, with house made pistachio orgeat and coconut

Dry & Sly

The bite of ginger paired with the mellow sweetness of pear. This bourbon drink is perfect for the hotter months

Pimm's Royale

Grapefruit and lemon verbena bring this bright take on a Pimm’s cup to life the perfect refreshment for summer

On the Downlow

With a delicious apricot foam topper, this light and citrusy rum drink is just a classy crowd pleaser

Vanishing Act

A kiwi infused pina colada with nutty hints, nothing says summer is here better, you’ll find the drink vanishes quickly

Research & Development

Tide Pods

Delicious shots packaged in a crazy, edible, vegan membrane that bursts in your mouth.

Available separately or as a flight of all three. 

Almond Jungle Bird

Orgeat, white rum, Campari, pineapple, and lime.

Carajillo Plus

Cold brew, Licor 43 and Amaro Nonino

The Pom

Pomegranate liqueur, Naranja liqueur, lemon and vodka